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Educate students to be lifelong learners who are productive, responsible citizens.

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10/30 McTeacher Night 4-7 PM
10/31 Dollar Day - Halloween Costume All Day
10/31 Halloween Parade - 2:15pm
11/8 5th/6th grades - Ice Hogs
11/8 PK Family Fun Day 8:30-11:00am
11/10 Veterans Day Assembly - 8:45am
11/13 Parent Advisory Meeting - 6pm
11/15 Mornings With Moms 7-7:45am
11/16 3rd Grade - Highland CC - Fine Arts Theater - 8:30-12:00
11/17 2nd Quarter Midterm
11/17 Dollar Day - Cowboy Day
11/29 Donuts With Dudes! - 7-7:45am

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Mission Statement

The Mission of our school is to provide a safe and enriching learning environment where the whole student is nurtured and developed. Our teachers and administrators pledge to support the academic and emotional wellbeing of each and every student. Students will leave our school prepared with skills and knowledge that will give them advantages throughout their future educational and life experiences.